Serbian Bride Beliefs

While some couples like to modify their bride ceremony to healthy their personalities, it’s also important to keep in mind serbian brides the classic elements of a wedding. One way to ensure that the bride did be joy for everyone and may become remembered for years to arrive is to keep practices intact.

Buying the Wife

A groom will be able to “buy” his bride by offering to her family and friends ( so called Svatovi ) on her big day. The best man is in charge of making this present, and he needs to be prepared for anything, including lips and mane loss from her

Defining the Evil Eye

A critical aspect of a wedding is to protect the partners from the wicked vision, which could result in misfortune. The Zarac does serve as the leader of the procesional leading to the religion, and this is accomplished by bringing in a guy called the Zarac. To frighten any evil eye spirits, he may use a punch and a flower of chillies.

The Best Man& Maid of honor

The groom and his crew typically make a first-time appearance at the couple’s home to greet her friends and family. These, they may consider two trays, one of which will hold income and the other of which will hold corsages. A bouquet and some wealth are appreciated by friends.

The man and his guys traditionally wear shutters that have the Serbian Coat of arms on them. These serve as a testament to how much they care and cherish the wife and her home.

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